Housing Texas
  1.    Success begins at home
Most Texans live the dream. For some of us, it’s the dream of an
...working together to make 
affordable housing and community development a priority in Texas 

Housing Texas is a coalition of industry, nonprofit, religious, consumer, and financial organizations from all parts of the state working together to build strong public support for safe, affordable homes in Texas. 

Our latest project is the Texas Grow Home, a project to design and build three prototype homes for victims of Hurricane Rita. Find out about this project. http://www.texashousing.org/growhome/index.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0
affordable rental home in a safe, clean, neighborhood. For others, it’s the dream of owning a home.
Whether you rent or own, success begins at home.
Homes are the very foundation of family life. They define us. Whether we’re renting, making mortgage payments, or living in a place handed down through the generations.
Homes not only house our belongings, they protect us, provide a place for our kids to grow up and for us to grow old. Homes we own help us build worth and wealth. They become our best financial asset.
What many of us take for granted, some Texans struggle to gain. Many hard working families can not rent or own a quality affordable home. Money meant for food, education, health care, and retirement goes toward paying the mortgage or rent instead.
Every hard working family deserves the opportunity to rent or own a quality affordable home. Join the campaign to make housing a priority in Texas.
Housing Texas video on the need for an expanded Texas Housing Trust Fund.
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